Odd Places to Stay

Jules Undersea Lodge at Key Largo

Key Largo Undersea Park is also the home of Jules' Lagoon. We offer the SCUBA Professional and their student the ability to complete their instruction when the weather is not favorable to take a new diver out to the ocean. It's located at 51 Shoreland Drive, Key Largo, FL and Phone: 305-451-2353 or Click Here for more information.

Forest Gully FarmsSanta Fe, Tennessee

Each season at Forest Gully provides a different experience amongst our ever changing environment. Stay underground. Stay underground on our 15 acre farm. It's located at 6016 Fly Hollow Road, Santa Fe, Tennessee and Phone: 615-509-0533 or Click Here for more information.

Forest Gully Farms
Cherry Wood Bed & Breakfast
Cherry Wood Bed & BreakfastZillah, Washington

Rest, Ride and Relax at Cherry Wood Bed & Breakfast. Horse Rescue, Hay Wagon Winery Tours, and Teepee Lodging in Eastern Washington.  It's located at 3271 Roza Dr, Zillah, Washington and Phone: 509-829-3500 or Click Here for more information.

Cherry Wood Bed & Breakfast
Dunlap Hollow CaveRockbridge, Ohio
The Cave is an innovative and eco-friendly cave house, built into a natural recess cave on the Dunlap Hollow property. It's located at 24190 Dunlap Road, Rockbridge, Ohio. Click Here for more information.
Woodnest Treehouses in Odda, Norway is the perfect getaway for you! At Woodnest, there are four treehouses on their property; two Originals each having a 4 person capacity where you will find two double beds, and two Mountaintops each having a 2 person capacity.
WOODNEST - Odda Treehouse